“Hi! My name is Keri! Want to be my friend?!”  My mother claims this is the first sentence I learned how to say.  Most of my friends will tell you it is how we met.  Needless to say, the love I have for people started very young and has grown over the years.

It was this love for people that made me want to pick up a camera.  I learned quite early that I saw people and the beauty in them in a way that most people could not see themselves. I began to take photography classes in high school and quickly learned I also had a gift for composition and lighting. I decided to combine my love for people and my love for photography and go to Hallmark Institute of Photography so I could better my photographic skills.  This truly blessed me to be able to capture the unique beauty I saw in people and capture it in a way they could hold onto and cherish for years to come.  My passion and my goal is not to take “just another pretty picture”.  I want to get to know you.  I want to capture a moment in time that truly reflects your unique and personal beauty and relationships.
I like to take the time to meet with each and every one of my clients.  I like to make sure that when we meet, that you love me and I love you.  We need to make sure, whatever the occasion, that you and I are the perfect fit.

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So to get us started here are some random facts about me.  I hope to hear from you and to learn about you and your story.
  1. I have a little girl named Liana Rae who was born on April of 2011. She is the greatest joy in my life.
  2. I love I love Lucy!  I can quote more episodes then I should admit.
  3. I have a obsession with polka dots.  Especially when they are black and white or red and white.
  4. I am a texture freak.
  5. I can drink a endless amount of tea, but I do not like anything about coffee.
  6. I believe the best thing my father ever did for me was to take me to a third world country when I was 13.  It truly opened my eyes to the world, the blessings I had every day, and the true beauty that people hold.
  7. I miss the gym.  I hate cardio, but I love lifting weights.  Working out at home just isn’t the same.
  8. Makeup makes me happy.  When I started with photography one of the first things I made sure to learn was how to do hair and makeup.  I love getting dolled up myself and have done hair and makeup for many of my friends and clients over the years.
  9. I am a ballroom and Latin dancer.  My favorites are the waltz, east coast swing, and salsa.  If I could do them all day I would never stop.
  10. After I had my daughter I developed a bunch of secondary food allergies.  Thankfully she is worth all of them.
  11. I can be a bit OCD on certain things.  I have found this trait to be one that makes my clients pretty happy.
  12. I come from a family of cut throat card players.  We have no mercy and can be very bad losers.
  13. I have an addiction to playing Jenga, especially the super huge large awesome size game of Jenga.  I also love twister and beer pong as well.
  14. While I was born and raised in western mass I am a complete wimp during the winter.  Once it drops below 75 degrees I think it is too cold and completely unacceptable.
  15. The things that mean the most to me are the relationships I have in my life.  I am so thankful that the clients I work with and I develop our own awesome relationships in the process.  They mean more to me then any of them truly know.

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